Am I controlling him?

I love giving blow jobs, but I don’t think that my boyfriend is that much into them. When we first started to date, I explained to him that I was really into blow jobs. At first, my boyfriend looked a bit shocked. Like he said, he had never met a girlfriend who was really into blow jobs. Well, I know that blow jobs are getting more popular than penetrative sex these days, and my friends at cheap escorts in London are with me on this one. We are all rather into it, you could say cheap escorts in London love giving great blow jobs.

It is not that people are actually shying away from penetrative sex, they just don’t seem to be into it as much as they used. Some of the gents that I hook up with at London escorts claim that they have not had penetrative sex for ages. Unlike my boyfriend, they don’t find it hard to cum when they are offered a blow job. I keep on wondering why my boyfriend is not really into blow jobs. One of the other girls at London escorts have got a boyfriend who feels the same way.

Could it be that women are in control when they give men a blow job? I have worked with a girl called Sara at London escorts for the last six months. She seems to think that some men are worried about losing control and allowing women to be in charge. As we all know, there are many different ways to be in charge. I have met a few girls at London escorts who like to control their partners sexually. Personally I cannot say that I have been into that, but I can see how it can happen.

Most of the men that I meet at London escorts seem to enjoy being controlled by their partners. I don’t know what it is but for some reason many of the gents that I date at London escorts have very controlling partners. Women these days have sort of come out of the kitchen and started to control the bedroom. That has probably changed a lot of men’s attitude towards sex and they may even be worried about having control taken away from them.

Am I controlling? I do think that I can be a little bit controlling at times. Like with all men, you do have to control your dates at London escorts. That does not mean that you are tying them up with handcuffs or ropes. Unless you are spending time with a dominatrix, you will find that your date with London escorts are controlled in a much more “gentle” way. I am sure that some guys don’t want to come when they are given a blow job because they are worried about control. They think once they give it all up to a woman, they will loose control of other areas of their lives. Men are sensitive souls and we need to remember that at all times. I honestly think that women try to be more in control of both sexes these days.

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