Am I controlling him?

I love giving blow jobs, but I don’t think that my boyfriend is that much into them. When we first started to date, I explained to him that I was really into blow jobs. At first, my boyfriend looked a bit shocked. Like he said, he had never met a girlfriend who was really into … Read more Am I controlling him?

A nightout with exciting girls from Kensington.

Dating Kensington escorts can be quite a true adventure. I am a voyager deep down, and it’s important for me personally as a way to talk with Kensington escorts that can go that one step further. All escorts are unique, and no matter if they are Kensington escorts or not to the majority people, … Read more A nightout with exciting girls from Kensington.

The Best Blowjob Ever

What Michael always looks for is a woman who can give the best blow job. However, it has been long since he met someone who would even do it, forget quenching his desire. He has been searching for that particular lady who would give him that blowjob of lifetime. Michael decided to try out this sexy blonde he met on a dating site.

They meet in his house one evening and he sets the right mood. After chatting and getting to know each other, Michael asks her to join him on this big couch. She resists at first but after some persuasions, she goes ahead and joins him.

At this point, Michael says enough with the talking. They stare at each other for a while and it is evident that they are going to kiss. He starts rubbing his lap with her right hand. His bulge grows and she notices it. Without saying a word, she gets off of the sofa, sits down on the floor, and in one swift move she yanks both his pants and his briefs off. She tugs them over his feet and tosses them to the corner. Michael is completely stunned, having had his pants pulled off so quickly. She unbuttons his shirt exposing his chest and stomach, which she proceeds to kiss in a hot trail down to his throbbing cock.

She brushes her long hair against his bare thighs, something that turns him on completely. She spends some time kissing his thighs and getting closer and closer to his balls, all along his eyes are tightly shut. He lets out a loud moan when she removes his balls from her mouth and licks his shaft with the tip of her tongue.

She finally puts her lips around the whole head of his cock and starts to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with her hand, she slowly lowers her mouth over his entire organ, getting it deep inside her mouth. She sucks it gently then faster like a real porn star, looking him straight into the eye. It doesn’t take long before the heat builds up within him. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shoots down her throat. she is able to gulp most of it down quickly, but some of it fills her cheeks. This was the best blow job he had had for a long time.

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