Cheating on my boyfriend with the guys that I meet

I had never meant to cheat on my boyfriend, but sometimes I meet guys who really turn me on, and I cannot help myself. Most of them are not my dates at London escorts of They are guys that I pick in pubs. I often let me London escorts drag me out for a drink after work. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to go a little bit over the top, and I end up cheating on my boyfriend with the guys that I meet.


It is a really bad habit, but I cannot help it. When I am in a crowd with the rest of the girls from charlotte action escorts, I just lose the plot. Of course, I have to admit that it helps that we are attractive girls, and sometimes we even tell guys that we work for London escorts. We are not trying to promote the service or anything like that. Instead we just like t mess around with the guys and in general try to turn them on.


What we do is silly, and the worst of all, we like to brag about it. I always have my iPhone with me, and it only takes me seconds to snap a photo of a guy I picked up, and put it on Instagram. It is all about bragging rights really and it is a silly thing girlie thing to do. Most of the other girls that I work with at charlotte action escorts do the same thing, and we sort of compete with each other. Normally it is just a photo of my having a drink with a guy, but the other night, one of my London escorts friends, snapped one of me kissing a guy.


The guy that I was kissing, is one of the guys that I like to hook up with from time to time. He is super sexy, and I am not the only girl from our charlotte action escorts service who fancies him. My boyfriend is not that much into Instagram, but on this particular occasion, he was showing his friends photos of me and him from my Instagram account. That is how he found the photo of me with this guy. As he looked through my other photos, he soon found that I had hooked up with him before.


When I came home, he said that he had tolerated what he called my extra special personal experiences for far too long, and he wanted to break up with me. The fact that I worked for charlotte action escorts did not bother him at all, but he would not stand for being cheated on. I so got it, and I tried to explain making up a story I had a slight problem with alcohol. He told me to sort myself out, and when I was ready, to get back in touch with him. The first thing I did, was to close my Instagram account. Am I going to give up my late night hook ups? One step at a time is all I have to say.

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