My wife Sara is one of the most open minded persons that I know.

Recently she has started to fancy a bit of feminine company. It all started when she kissed a girl at work. They both enjoyed the kiss but the other girl did not want to take it any further. The entire incident has kind of left my wife a little bit frustrated and I can totally understand that. I have heard about escorts for couples from London escorts, and I am wondering if this would be a suitable service for us.

I have never used an escort service in London before, but I have been reading about escorts for couples in London. It seems that it might be the perfect solution for us as my wife would like to experiment with something new. At first I was not sure that I would like the idea, but I now feel that I would very much like to have a chance to check out the service and perhaps make my wife very happy in the process.

Am I embarrassed about what has happened? I am not embarrassed about my wife’s needs at all. It would be nice for her to perhaps fulfil a dream and have some real fun with a girl from escorts for couples here in London. I really don’t know very much what would happen during the date, but it sounds like it would be a bit of adventure for my wife. At least she would be able to try something different. If she enjoys it, I don’t have a problem with it at all.

The first time I heard about escorts for couples in London, it was a couple of weeks ago. It sounds like kind of a new service to London escort services but it seems to be exciting. When you read about it, you will soon realize that it is very much a service that has arrived on these shores from the United States. Apparently a lot of couples who find themselves to be a bit challenged use the service and it seems that it works for them.

Personally this is the first time I have contacted an escort service here in London. The girl who took my call was very professional and explained in great detail about escorts for couples. I have never had a conversation like that before, and at first it did feel a bit strange. Now I am looking forward to meet the girl who is going to come to see and I have a feeling that my wife is really excited about it as well. We thought about going to a party to see if we could meet a like-minded person. But I think this is a much better way to hook up with a girl who may become a long term companion. She sounds really nice and my wife says that she looks stunning. That could perhaps be the most important factor of them all.

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