Starving Emotions

Do London escorts fall in love? I wish that I had a penny for every time someone had asked me that question. The answer is yes. When you work for a London escorts agency as an escort, you do risk falling in love with a client. I am not going to say that it happens to me all of the time, but there have been times when you have fallen in love with one of my clients. It is not easy situation to find yourself in. Most escorts who have fallen in love do end up having their hearts broken.

Mainly it is young girls who have just joined London escorts who end up falling in love with their clients. During your first year with a London escorts agency, it is not easy to control your emotions. After the first year, you start to realise that a lot of men who are into dating escorts in London, say almost anything to get you to do things. I do try to tell younger girls at London escorts that they should be careful. But, they all seem to think that they know better.

Can you date without emotions? There are some London escorts who can date without any emotional attachment at all. Dating without becoming emotionally involved is a lot easier when you only meet a client once in a blue moon. When a man is really into dating London escorts and comes to see once a week, staying emotionally unavailable is a lot harder. He may start to talk about his personal life and you probably end up talking about your own life. That is a dangerous thing to do.

What sort of girl at London escorts fall in love? If you run a BDSM service or is into fantasy dating, it is easier to not get involved with a client. Most of the time, a client arrives, pays his money and you get on with the date. But, when it comes to GH dating or business dating, things are different. You often spend a great deal of time small talking to clients that you go out with in a more personal setting. On such occasions, it is really hard to stay professional and not become involved.

What do you do if you do fall in love with a client? Most importantly, it is important not to let it show. I have fallen in love with London escorts clients and told them I am in love with them. Most of the time, that has back-fired on me. Instead of coming to see more often to spend time with an amazing woman, most of them have not returned even though they may have told me that they are in love with me. It is very much like they run scared of what is going to happen next. They probably worry about you contacting their partner or call their company. This is why it is best not to get involved with a client. But as we all know, that is often easier said than done.

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